Dr. Dmytro Myeshkov


Member of the research network

Research Interests:

  • German and other minorities in the Tsarist Empire/in the Soviet Union
  • (Forced) migrations, urbanization and their consequences in the Soviet Union
  • Cultures of Remembrance and politics of history in the Post-Soviet Space


since 1/2017

Research associate at the Northeast Institute Lüneburg (IKGN e.V.)

4/2010 - 04/2015

Research associate at the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg/Breisgau


  • "The Germans and their Neighbors in the Southern and Southwestern Periphery of the Tsarist Empire 1861-1914: Everyday Life, Norm Concepts in the Mirror of Conflicts"
  • "Cultural Interactions and Coping with Socio-Cultural Consequences of Migration in the Ural Region and North Caucasus 1945-1989"


Research associate at the Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf, Editorial staff member of the encyclopedia "The Century of Expulsions. Deportation, forced resettlement and "ethnic cleansing" in Europe 1912-1999"

Foto Dmytro Myeshkov

Research Associate

NORDOST-Institut, Institut für Kultur und Geschichte der Deutschen in Nordosteuropa e.V.

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